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Playa del Coco

Playa del Coco is the most developed and populated beach in the Papagayo Region. People have been settling here for decades and often times the beaches of this area are wrongfully labelled Playas del Coco (Beaches of Coco).

Playa del Coco

Just 40km from the Liberia International Airpoort, Playa del Coco is one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica and among the most populated cities in Guanacaste. Because housing is extremely affordable, many campers use the area as a home base as the travel around the rest of the region.

Playa del Coco is an extremely popular sport fishing destination and serves as a gateway for surfers on their way to Witches Rock. Aside from numerous tourist activities, Playa del Coco has a well-developed infrastructure and numerous shops, restaurants, bars, discos, casinos and markets. Most of the town’s vibrant nightlife gravitates toward the town center, so if you are seeking an peaceful and quiet escape, consider seeking accommodations on the periphery.

From Playas del Coco, transport is available to the Pelonas and Bat Islands, where octopus and sea turtle sightings are common.

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