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How to get to the Papagayo region of Costa Rica.

The Papagayo region of Costa Rice is one of the most accessible areas in the country.  Due to government interest in tourism and conservation in the area, the region has a very well developed and well maintained road system spanning the majority of the peninsula.  In addition, this region is only 40 kilometers south of the Guanacaste province's main airport, the Daniel Oduber International Airport, and about the same distance from Guanacaste's capital Liberia.  This region has an array of transportation available, whether it be public transportation, shuttles, or buses, and is easily navigable by car.

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Where is Costa Rica?

Central America! The second smallest and second most southern country in Central America.

How to get there?

Besides a few boat charters and cruise ships; flying to Liberia (LIR) Airport is your best option. Unless already in Central America and plan crossing the border via either Penas Blancas along the Pan American Highway on the Nicaragua border to the North and Los Chiles.

International Air Travel

FLIGHTS to International Airport "LIR" Liberia

How to best Travel inside of Costa Rica?

In terms of Transportation and Rentals Costa Rica has it all. The bus system is well advanced, affordable, and quite reliable. A wide variety of Rental Car Companies allow you to rent any size car. And the world's first carbon free airline (Nature Air) as well as Sansa and Helicopter providers let you experience the whole country in no-time.

Transportation in Costa Rica

There are many ways not only to get around town, but to get across Costa Rica. Please be sure to read driving in Costa Rica, even if you are not planning to drive just so you know what to expect on the roads.


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